ACCC will not oppose Woolworths acquiring 65% share of PFD Foodservices

The ACCC will not oppose Woolworths’ acquisition of 65 per cent of the shares in wholesale food distributor PFD Food Services, following a detailed investigation that found the transaction is...read more

Never have a soggy sweet potato chip again!

Made from sweet potatoes grown in Bundaberg, Queensland and prepared at Simplot Australia’s Ulverstone plant in Tasmania, the Edgell Australian Grown Sweet Potato Chips are proudly Australian produced. The Edgell...read more

Peak bodies urge ACCC to maintain focus on Woolworths track record of anti-competitive behaviour following their ‘undertakings’ with PFD

Woolworths and PFD continue to give undertakings to the ACCC that cannot be policed and we believe is yet another smokescreen to get this deal across the line. A deal...read more

ACCC decision on WW acquisition of PFD to be announced 22 April 2021

Peak Bodies call on the ACCC to stop Woolworths' merger with PFD Foods. Woolworths’ confidentiality undertaking to the ACCC on the proposed PFD acquisition does nothing to address the major...read more

Woolworths’ takeover undertakings a ‘smokescreen’: independents

Undertakings made by Woolworths to win a green light for its $552 million acquisition of a controlling stake in PFD Food Services are a “smokescreen,” say five food service and...read more

NAFDA FS Members conference and the Best of the Best 2021 launch

Virtual conference NAFDA Foodservice hosted its first virtual Members Conference on 25 February 2021 with great success. The conference brought the NAFDA FS Membership together once again for business updates,...read more

Opinion: The ACCC should not allow Woolworths’ proposed takeover of PFD Food Services

In his first opinion piece since being appointed CEO of AACS, Theo Foukkare discusses how the proposed acquisition of PFD Food Services by Woolworths, could create major impacts to competition,...read more

NAFDA Foodservice Conferences 2021

NAFDA Foodservice conferences bring foodservice professionals together to share organisational performance, industry trends, innovation and best in practice. With the aim to spread the passion for food and inspire business...read more

EDGELL CHUNKY AVOCADO PULP: Does using raw avocados really save you money?

Great news, Edgell Chunky Avocado Pulp is back in stock! Click above to register for a free sample. With around 40% yield loss, raw avocados are costing you a lot...read more

Preliminary competition concerns over Woolworths’ PFD acquisition

The ACCC has blocked the Woolworths acquisition of PFD subject to a statement of issues (see Media Release link below). IFDA has played a significate role in this decision, ably...read more

St. George Foodservice (SGFS) celebrating 40 years!

From our humble beginnings, with the business operating out of the family garage, to now operating from two warehouses and delivering Sydney wide. SGFS founders – George Haros (Left) and...read more

New West Foods and Elite Food Co become one

NAFDA Foodservice Member New West Foods announces their impending amalgamation with Elite Food Co., combining the strengths of the two independently owned businesses. New West Foods will serve the market...read more

NAFDA Foodservice CEO Brad Lee speaks again to Ben Fordham on 2GB

NAFDA Foodservice CEO Brad Lee speaks again to Ben Fordham on 2GB about Woolworth’s acquisition of PFD, it’s impact on the independent distributor network and the foundation of IFDA a...read more

NEW Edgell Crispy Flat Chips

Simplot Foodservice are extremely excited to be launching the brand new product to their potato range; Edgell Supa Crunch Crispy Flat Chips. Made from Tassie grown potatoes and prepared at...read more

NAFDA Foodservice partners with the FIA Online Foodservice Tradeshow

Monday 2 November to Friday 11 December 2020 The Foodservice Industry Association Inc. (FIA) is delighted to launch its most important initiative for 2020: the FIA Online Foodservice Tradeshow. This...read more

Are you purchasing from your competitor?

With Woolworths’ latest acquisition of the major food distributor PFD Foodservices, you could soon be purchasing supplies from your competitor without even noticing it! The super market giant owns now close...read more

NAFDA Foodservice virtual AGM and Members Meeting October 2020

NAFDA Foodservice’s first virtual AGM and Member Meeting was held on 22 October 2020 with great success. During the meeting two resolutions were passed by shareholders with the following results:...read more

New peak body taking on Woolworths’ B2B expansion plans

Three of Australia’s leading independent food distribution organisations have joined forces to take on Woolworths’ planned expansion into the B2B market in a “David and Goliath” fight. IFDA made up...read more

JB Metropolitan Distributors joins NAFDA Foodservice!

We are pleased to announce that JB Metropolitan Distributors have joined NAFDA Foodservice effective October 2020! Spanning 30 years in business, Bruce’s Confectionery, as it was known back then, has...read more

What’s New from Edgell – Australian Sweet Potato

Simplot Foodservice are excited to be launching Edgell 10mm Sweet Potato Chips to our Foodservice customers. Made from sweet potatoes grown in Bundaberg Queensland and prepared at Simplot Australia’s Ulverstone...read more

Independents escalate attack on Woolworths’ foodservice plans

Independent foodservice distributors have stepped up their attack on Woolworths' $552 million acquisition of PFD Foodservices, setting up an industry peak body to mount a coordinated campaign against the retailer's...read more

Rivals unite in bid to block Woolworths’ move on supplier

NAFDA Foodservice CEO, Brad Lee speaks with The Herald Sun about Woolworths' move to muscle in on the supply of groceries to restaurants, childcare centres and aged-care facilities which threatens...read more

Open letter to the Premier of Victoria, the Hon. Daniel Andrews

The Independent Food Distributors Association of Australia (IFDA) addresses the Premier of Victoria, the Hon. Daniel Andrews, with suggestions from food businesses to kickstart the Victorian economy and save jobs....read more

Woolworths forks out $500 million to buy major food distributor PFD Foodservices

Supermarket giant Woolworths has announced a surprise megadeal, buying Australian foodservice distributor PFD Foodservices for more than $500 million in an effort to bolster the grocery giant's food offering for...read more

COVID-19 Recovery Checklist

Adapting to a new environment remains one of the key focus points for the hospitality industry. Reassessing the way we operate and work together includes all areas of business operations,...read more

Timpecha Wholesalers joins NAFDA Foodservice!

Timpecha Wholesalers is a South Australian family-owned business which began five years ago with the selling of local olives and olive oil, inspired by Tim’s father who sourced the products...read more

NAFDA Foodservice sector fights Woolworths threat

NAFDA Foodservice CEO, Brad Lee, and Country Wide CEO, Richard Hinson, discussed with the Australian Financial Review the recent undertaking of Woolworths and Coles to enter the B2B and foodservice...read more


We are pleased to announce that SPG have joined NAFDA Foodservice effective August 2020! SPG is a strong and well-established foodservice distribution business across two states, specialising in the supply...read more

Provista Australia – adapt and flourish

Provista Australia sees unfortunately a slow decline in home deliveries as Woolworths and Coles resumed their delivery services as well. However, warehouse pickups and Provista’s in-store deli saw fresh meat...read more

NAFDA FS helps food operators get back into business

NAFDA Foodservice is assisting foodservice operators with re-opening their businesses after states and territories have started relaxing COVID-19 restrictions. While uncertainty about changing business demands prevails, the opportunity to re-open...read more

New West Foods – Community matters

New West Foods have launched an online store offering an extensive range of items for the domestic and public market, which has been well-received (shop.newwestfoods.com.au). Partnering with Localbox, New West...read more

Sealane Foodservice – transform and support

Sealane Foodservice has now added an online retail store, shop.sealane.com.au, together with free home delivery (minimum $200 spend). This is promoted via social media with daily specials and meal inspirations....read more

Debra Lee Trading – war and peace

Advertisements on Facebook opened up new business for pickups and home deliveries with ‘no limits’ on groceries and home essentials, which supermarkets could not meet. Staff has been trained and...read more

Barwon Foods – home run in deliveries

A home delivery trial during Easter for fresh seafood was a huge success, with 85 deliveries in one day (Thursday). Customer demands and requests via Barwon’s Facebook page have made...read more

Foodlink – from wholesale to retail in four days

With considerable business gone overnight something had to be done quickly. Within four days Foodlink opened to the public, with social media driving awareness Since then, Foodlink has seen incredible...read more

TAH Northern Trading acquires Smimac Foodservices

We are excited to announce that NAFDA FS Member TAH Northern Trading (former TH Northern Trading) has recently purchased Smimac Foodservices, based in Alice Springs. This positions TAH Northern Trading...read more

Sydney Food & Packaging – strength through alliances

Sydney Food & Packaging opens to the public to fill the supply gap. Wholesale stock and essentials can now be ordered online and delivered through – localsupplyhub.com.au. They have teamed...read more

Colless Foods – dedicated family business

Colless Foods has seen incredible growth through their retail store. A fourth-generation family business with a dedicated staff of 30 full-time locals. Quality and reliability are prerequisites of Colless Foods,...read more

Total Food Network – when the community needs you

The locals of Yarrabah were struggling for a solution to access necessary food and sanitary requirements, which was restricted due to lock-downs.Total Food Network saw an opportunity to supply fresh...read more

Metropolitan Foods – warehouse into retail

Hundreds per day are flocking to the new discovered local grocery store of NAFDA Foodservice Member, Metropolitan Foods in Templestowe. When the going gets tuff, the tuff get going,  the...read more