Timpecha Wholesalers joins NAFDA Foodservice!

Timpecha Wholesalers joins NAFDA Foodservice!

Timpecha Wholesalers is a South Australian family-owned business which began five years ago with the selling of local olives and olive oil, inspired by Tim’s father who sourced the products locally and abroad.

Five years later the product range has grown and so has its relationships and footprint into foodservice.

Tim Chatzopoulos, Director of Timpecha Wholesalers, joins NAFDA FS to assist with the businesses strategic growth and goals and we are thrilled to support them with all that a NAFDA FS Membership offers.

Welcome to NAFDA Foodservice!

Visit Timpecha Wholesalers on Facebook –

NAFDA Foodservice sector fights Woolworths threat

NAFDA Foodservice CEO, Brad Lee, and Country Wide CEO, Richard Hinson, discussed with the Australian Financial Review the recent undertaking of Woolworths and Coles to enter the B2B and foodservice market places.

While the foodservice industry was one of the sectors hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic with a drop of 60-90% in sales, the two major supermarket were the largest beneficiaries with sales as high as 40% above prior year.

Both retailers have now brought forward strategic projects to aggressively enter the foodservice industry, raising major concerns about the impact on independent foodservice distributors.

The two CEO’s join forces in calling ACCC Chairman, Rod Sims, to action and protect the Mum and Dad businesses of the independent foodservice sector.

They have also called on government to extend the job keeper payments for the Hospitality Industry, including the independent distributor supply chain.

Australian Financial Review

Sue Mitchell, Senior Reporter. July 10, 2020 – 2.15pm

Sales at Anna Tengstrom’s family-owned food distribution business on the NSW/Victorian border were growing nicely until the coronavirus hit in March.

Almost overnight, most of her 600 customers, which include hotels, clubs, cafes, takeaway food outlets, restaurants, schools and nursing homes, were forced to close, decimating sales and leaving her holding mountains of stock.

Foodservice distributor Anna Tengstrom: “It was just like having a carpet [pulled] from underneath our feet.” 

“It was just like having a carpet [pulled] from underneath our feet,” Ms Tengstrom told AFR Weekend. “We were gearing up for Easter and that was basically non-existent.”

“It took until June to get to some sort of normality and now we’ve just gone backwards again.”

Now Ms Tengstrom perceives another threat as Woolworths, Australia’s largest retailer, eyes the $11 billion foodservice and wholesale sectors.

Woolworths wants to lift its wholesale sales three- to four-fold to $1 billion in three years by using its burgeoning online platform and massive distribution network to supply small, medium and large customers such as childcare centres, schools and disability and care services with food and groceries.

In April, Ms Tengstrom expressed her fears to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims, who is keeping a close eye on the major supermarket chains and does not want the pandemic to lead to reduced competition in the sector, to the detriment of consumers and independent businesses.

“This is a real concern for foodservice distributors, as we are more than a food provider, we create employment in regional areas, look after other small businesses and service providers in regional areas,” she said.

“Woolworths and Coles have already had a free kick due to COVID … in the meantime the foodservice sector has struggled whilst maintaining essential services to hospitals and nursing homes,” she said.

We will want vigorous competition

While the ACCC has given interim authorisation to Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and Metcash to share certain information and co-ordinate their response to supply shortages and panic buying during the coronavirus pandemic, Mr Sims has expressed concern about major companies taking advantage of the crisis to increase their market power.

“We will want vigorous competition to drive the recovery when it comes,” Mr Sims told the AFR Banking & Wealth Summit in March.

Now two groups representing more than 200 independently owned foodservice distributors, NAFDA Foodservice and Countrywide, have put rivalries aside to seek intervention from the ACCC to stop Woolworths taking a major share of the market.

“The retailers have deep pockets and big e-commerce platforms and they had an opportunity during COVID to look over the fence and see an opportunity,” said NAFDA chief executive Brad Lee.

“We’re asking the government to understand the COVID impact and the impact of allowing the major retailers to grow their size and scale [which] is only going to negatively impact our members even further.”

This is not good for the consumer

Echoing the concerns of food and grocery suppliers, who are also worried about Woolworths’ B2B ambitions, Mr Lee fears the retailer’s expansion in the foodservice sector will lead to erosion of margins and loss of business for independent distributors, which will flow through the supply chain to providers such as refrigerator technicians and builders.

“We’re talking about thousands of job losses and millions stripped out of the economy to go to the major players, and ultimately this is not good for the consumer,” Mr Lee said.

Our guys really nurture their local communities, local growers and manufacturers and employ a lot of people in regional townships. Richard Hinson, Countrywide CEO

Richard Hinson, the CEO of Countrywide, said Woolworths and Coles had been major beneficiaries of the pandemic, while the foodservice, hospitality and tourism sectors had been among the hardest hit.

Countrywide has more than 100 food distributor members, half of whom are in regional areas. When COVID-19 hit and the industry shut down, its members saw between 60 per cent to 90 per cent of sales dry up overnight, Mr Hinson said.

“Now it almost feels as though [the major retailers] have taken advantage of that and while the foodservice and hospitality industries are just starting to recover they’re using the financial benefit they got out of COVID to really put their foot on us and keep us down,” he said.

Deloitte Access Economics estimates that cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels and motels took the biggest hit of any industry in the June quarter, while industry body Restaurant & Catering Australia estimates 12,000 restaurants across Australia will not survive the pandemic.

Mr Hinson said Woolworths’ proposed pricing would probably contribute to the demise of small and medium-sized foodservice distributors who were unable to compete on price.

Countrywide CEO Richard Hinson fears Woolworths’ push into the B2B sector will contribute to the demise of small and medium-sized foodservice distributors. Peter Braig

“Fewer distributors and wholesalers will limit choice and competition in the B2B market and for some suppliers this channel represents the majority of their business,” Mr Hinson said.

“Our guys really nurture their local communities, local growers and manufacturers and employ a lot of people in regional townships. As Woolworths comes into that foodservice marketplace with a B2B model it does impact on the viability of employment in those areas,” he said.

Woolworths has denied it is chasing a dominant slice of the cafe, restaurant and takeaway trade.

“It’s about servicing the childcare, disability or education centres that need fresh food and groceries,” a spokesman said. “We think we can do that by delivering a better offering in this space.”

Many foodservice customers were already buying from Woolworths through its online site and stores.

“We want to service a channel we are already serving through our stores and our consumer website,” the spokesman said. “With this business offering, we’re trying to make their billing easier and their account management easier, at the same time as allowing us to manage that business better.”

Countrywide and NAFDA Foodservice have also asked the federal government to extend the JobKeeper subsidy for the foodservice and hospitality sectors beyond September.

“Everyone we’ve talked to about it is quite sympathetic but we’re not seeing a lot of action,” said Mr Hinson.

“Let us not make the mistake, during these extraordinary times, of concentrating solely on the issue of competition and price in the food services sector. Let us concentrate on the survival of independent, family-owned foodservice distributors who employ tens of thousands of Australians.”

Source: Australian Financial Review. Jul 10, 2020


We are pleased to announce that SPG have joined NAFDA Foodservice effective August 2020!

SPG is a strong and well-established foodservice distribution business across two states, specialising in the supply of Indian food products to retail and foodservice outlets.

Sunil Kumar is ready to embark on the next phase of SPG’s growth strategy and believes partnering with NAFDA FS will greatly assist in realising these strategic goals.

Welcome to NAFDA Foodservice!

Visit SPG https://spg.asn.au/

Provista Australia – adapt and flourish

Provista Australia sees unfortunately a slow decline in home deliveries as Woolworths and Coles resumed their delivery services as well. However, warehouse pickups and Provista’s in-store deli saw fresh meat purchases increase.

Provista has launched their online store to the public provista.online.

Social media has also proven to be a great tool to promote weekly dinner packs as well as our wholesale meat packs by our resident chef.

Maintaining a healthy warehouse stock level proves difficult to predict in this market, but the Provista team is very positive that their way of business has adapted and evolved.

NAFDA FS helps food operators get back into business

NAFDA Foodservice is assisting foodservice operators with re-opening their businesses after states and territories have started relaxing COVID-19 restrictions.

While uncertainty about changing business demands prevails, the opportunity to re-open venues for eat-in guests marks hopefully the beginning of an upward trend for the industry.

During this time, being able to adapt business models in order to meet state based guidelines, new market conditions and a changed consumer behaviour will be critical for food operators.

To assist with this and to reinvigorating the industry NAFDA Foodservice is now offering food business operators a Recovery Toolkit’, designed to help navigate through the various considerations that need to be taken into account when formulating a new ‘game plan’ for re-opening.

The toolkit gives an overview of new industry practices, useful tips and advice covering the following areas of foodservice operations:

The full ‘Recovery Toolkit’ is available for download under ‘NAFDA FS Recovery Toolkit’ and tips and advice will be shared over the next months on NAFDA FS’s Facebook & LinkedIn accounts.

New West Foods – Community matters

New West Foods have launched an online store offering an extensive range of items for the domestic and public market, which has been well-received (shop.newwestfoods.com.au).

Partnering with Localbox, New West Foods provides fresh produce and supplies as well as offering direct delivery to customers.

The on-site warehouse is open to the public and walk in customers with no minimum order purchase.

New West Foods conducted a community giveaway initiative for free butter and powdered milk via their Facebook page. This turned out to be an excellent marketing exercise, giving them a new market to promote the online store too.

The business also donated to the Manna Perth Charity, who assist in feeding the homeless and disadvantaged.

New West Foods is now moving into recovery mode with restrictions lifting in Perth. Their focus is on supporting their customers as they look to gently re-open within safe limitations.

Sealane Foodservice – transform and support

Sealane Foodservice has now added an online retail store, shop.sealane.com.au, together with free home delivery (minimum $200 spend).

This is promoted via social media with daily specials and meal inspirations.

In addition to this, Sealane Foodservice continues with their long-term support to the Western Region Football League.

Debra Lee Trading – war and peace

Advertisements on Facebook opened up new business for pickups and home deliveries with ‘no limits’ on groceries and home essentials, which supermarkets could not meet.

Staff has been trained and educated on the current range to assist with the massive undertaking of customers and orders.

A dedicated area has been set up for commonly asked products as well as impulse buying for walk-in customers.

Pallet of sanitisers and cleaning essentials were offered first to local businesses such as outlets, schools, vets, healthcare, hair-dressers, chiropractors, etc and were sold out within three days.

The HMAS Adelaide were on the docks for the Easter long weekend and tired of ‘ship food’ with no locals catering for the large numbers, so Debra Lee teamed up with their local takeaway customers to cook and deliver food for them.

Debra Lee hopes to retain the new business well after COVID-19.

Barwon Foods – home run in deliveries

A home delivery trial during Easter for fresh seafood was a huge success, with 85 deliveries in one day (Thursday).

Customer demands and requests via Barwon’s Facebook page have made it possible for orders and deliveries to continue on a regular and consistent basis.


A retail shop is also available on site and an online Shopify website for home deliveries has been in development for our core range (flour, rice, pasta, cheeses, frozen chicken products, etc.) to enable the public to purchase groceries and essentials without the risk of being on site.

Barwon Foods hopes that this shift to increased home deliveries will be a longterm add-on to the business, continuing after the COVID19 crisis.


Foodlink – from wholesale to retail in four days

With considerable business gone overnight something had to be done quickly. Within four days Foodlink opened to the public, with social media driving awareness

Since then, Foodlink has seen incredible growth with $1M+ in new sales over 4 weeks.

Initial key lines purchased were pasta, flour, oil (Select Mills) and chemicals and return purchases extend to frozen vegetables, seafood as well as dry goods.

Where too from here? ‘Things will never be the same. We are exploring possible ideas such as a café, viewing windows to the seafood processing room, evolving product range and expanding home delivery’ says Jim Sayer.

TAH Northern Trading acquires Smimac Foodservices

We are excited to announce that NAFDA FS Member TAH Northern Trading (former TH Northern Trading) has recently purchased Smimac Foodservices, based in Alice Springs.

This positions TAH Northern Trading as a major player in the foodservice and indigenous community supply arena across the NT.

Being a former Member of NAFDA FS, we welcome the Smimac team back home and congratulate Heather, Ted and the TH Northern management team on their focused growth trajectory, albeit operating in very challenging times.

Sydney Food & Packaging – strength through alliances

Sydney Food & Packaging opens to the public to fill the supply gap. Wholesale stock and essentials can now be ordered online and delivered through – localsupplyhub.com.au.

They have teamed up with many local businesses in order to supply both their loyal customer base as well as venture into home delivery.

Fresh fruit & vegetables are sourced from a family business in Annandale that has been around for 30 years.

Meat proteins are sourced from local farmers in the Southern Highland and are chemical and hormone-free.

Fresh bakery are sourced from a family bakery in Marrickville.

Food pack kits are also available and offer easy recipes and meal inspirations provided by NAFDA Foodservice Corporate Chef, Adam Moore.

Sydney Food & Packaging are strongly focused on supporting local businesses and lending a helping hand in order to get through this together.

Colless Foods – dedicated family business

Colless Foods has seen incredible growth through their retail store.

A fourth-generation family business with a dedicated staff of 30 full-time locals. Quality and reliability are prerequisites of Colless Foods, and they strive to fulfil this promise.

They offer fresh, dry and frozen products including cut meat to order and fresh seafood. A 5% special applies to all short-coded cool room items Chefs Market outlet also offering home delivery service.

They have been assisting with necessities and essentials to local seniors, families in need and also those in wheelchairs.

Total Food Network – when the community needs you

The locals of Yarrabah were struggling for a solution to access necessary food and sanitary requirements, which was restricted due to lock-downs.
Total Food Network saw an opportunity to supply fresh food into the community and within 36 hours of conversation, they were selling supplies from the back of two trucks.

The first morning saw over 1,200 people on site, and within two weeks, they have secured a permanent 6 month tenancy in a community hall allowing them to offer groceries. A gelato ice cream bar will also be set up to ‘spark joy’ for the kids to come and shop too.

Total Food Network donated two pallets of Easter eggs to the local hospital and are now supplying the local aged care home.

They have since also made contact with other indigenous partnership organisations and will start with five different communities in the same vein however much more remote.

Metropolitan Foods – warehouse into retail

Hundreds per day are flocking to the new discovered local grocery store of NAFDA Foodservice Member, Metropolitan Foods in Templestowe.

When the going gets tuff, the tuff get going,  the team at Metropolitan Foods in Melbourne have been trading 7 days a week for a month. Marisa and her sister Antonietta have adjusted the retail shop and are continually refilling the shelfs and working 16 hours a day.

They offer the local area a vast array of continental delights from all over the world and as much Australian made products as possible.

When asked how are you coping with the current situation, Marisa replied, ‘I have five trucks sitting here and one going out for deliveries, so the shop has to keep Metropolitan Foods going at present and hard work never killed anyone’.

Those that know Marisa would not be surprised the hard working get it done attitude is in her blood and a true testament to a NAFDA Foodservice Member that is thinking outside the nine dots in this current climate.  

Well done Marisa and your team in giving your local area a unique option of standard staples along with a taste of Italy and the world.

Coming out the other side of this no doubt Metropolitan have created a huge customer base in the retail store with many first time visitors which are sure to continue to visit regularly.

Also some goodwill developed on NAFDA Foodservice Exclusively Yours brands, when a customer comes in and asks for the Select Mills flour or Dairylink Mozzarella Cheese, that puts a proud smile on Marisa’s face as a NAFDA Foodservice raving fan.    

Godden Food Group – bringing wholesale home!

NAFDA Foodservice Member ‘Godden Food Group’ have also opened their wholesale warehouse to offer home delivery on 200 selected products from a large range of over 5,000+ products they distribute.

To ensure their deliveries are met to this new public market, they have introduced a minimum order of $150 with a delivery fee of $9.95. Due to safety and logistics, there is no pickup available. Also in place is a ‘no refund on purchases’ due to foodsafety.

All their deliveries are contactless meaning their drivers deliver and place at the front door as a safety practice upon mobile confirmation. To protect their driving team, they have provided them with PPE such as gloves, masks and also sanitiser for their hands.

Staley Food & Packaging – free home delivery!

NAFDA Foodservice Member ‘Staley Food & Packaging’ have recently updated their website (staleys.com.au) to include a simple 2-step signup process for home delivery, available on a great range of groceries and essential products.

Register for home delivery here > www.staleys.com.au/register

The new service has been promoted with Facebook advertising and may also be broadcast via local radio. Pending the success of the initiative, Staley’s consider home delivery as an ongoing option to diversify their business.

FIA Membership Announcement

We are delighted to announce that NAFDA Foodservice recently joined the Foodservice Industry Association of NSW Inc. (FIA) as a Member.

FIA is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 1985 to organise and manage Hospitality and Catering Expos throughout regional NSW. The events provide an opportunity for members and non-members to promote their products and services to all sectors of the foodservice and associated industries.

For more information visit foodservice.org.au

Best of the Best 2020 Launch

NAFDA Foodservice launched their Best of the Best Rewards Program 2020 with a grand celebration last Friday, 14 February 2020.

The event was held at “The Venue” in Sydney and attended by close to 300 guests, including NAFDA FS Members, preferred Suppliers and Foodservice Industry organisations.

Brad Lee, NAFDA FS CEO, opened the event with a welcome before handing over to Tony Green, NAFDA FS GM Sales & Marketing, for the launch of Best of the Best 2020, starting officially on 02nd March 2020.

With a history of more than 20 years, Best of the Best is the first customer rewards program exclusive to the foodservice industry. Since its inception NAFDA customers have been rewarded year after year for their loyalty and purchases of Best of the Best products.

Following the launch the evening was filled with entertainment, as well as food and drink curated by NAFDA FS’s corporate chef Adam Moore.

In the second part of the night, Tony Green revealed the location for NAFDA FS’s Grow & Go Growth Program, a biennial incentive program for NAFDA FS Members and preferred Suppliers with the opportunity to partake in an international networking experience.

After the huge success of the latest Grow & Go Growth Program which included 10 days in Hungary and Russia, Tony announced South America as the new location, which was received with anticipation and excitement by the audience.

For more information visit nafda.com.au and nafdarewards.com.au

NAFDA Foodservice conferences 2020

NAFDA’s conferences bring foodservice professionals together to share organisational performance, industry trends, innovation and best in practice. With the aim to spread the passion for food and inspire business success, NAFDA Foodservice conferences are held in an engaging and collaborative environment.

Conference dates and locations

NAFDA Foodservice Members Conference
Sydney, 12-14 February 2020

Bushfire Relief

We, like you, are devastated with the horrific bushfires seen across NSW, VIC and SA.

To assist and offer support in these difficult times, NAFDA Foodservice Members and Suppliers have committed to donate.

We thank all supporters in advance for their contribution and will communicate the results in the following week.

If you would also like to contribute a personal donation, please click on the following links:

Footy Tipping Competition winners

Congratulations to the following winners of NAFDA Foodservice’s Official 2019 Footy Tipping Competition!

NRL Tipping
1st place – Aimee F. (Huhtahmaki Tailored Packaging)
2nd place – Joe H. (NAFDA Foodservice)
3rd place – Ryan B. (Mars Food)
AFL Tipping
1st place – Ronda E. (Associated via MGFF)
2nd place – Lorraine P. (Associated via MGFF)
3rd place – Maree L. (Associated via MGFF)

Staley Food & Packaging – As sweet as a worthy cause can get!

As part of the Best of the Best Buy Show 2019, Staley Food & Packaging won a block of Cadbury chocolate (courtesy of Mondelez), for purchasing from the highest number of Suppliers during the event. This in itself wouldn’t be particularly special, if the block wasn’t more than a square meter big and weighing a solid 10kg!

But rather than devouring the treat themselves, Business Owner John Staley and General Manager Keith Patterson decided to use the chocolate for a worthy cause.

Being part of the local Lion’s Club in Dardanup, Keith approached the club to conduct a raffle, which turned out to be a huge success.

1,200 tickets were sold during the event and enabled Staley’s, in conjunction with Dardanup Lions, to be able to donate $1,000 to South West Refuge and $1,000 to Bunbury InTown Centre.

Despite very little government funding, both organisations ‘do fantastic things in the local community’. South West Refuge provide accommodation and support for people escaping abusive relationships and Bunbury In Town Centre assist with meals for the needy and homeless.

Raising the funds was a fantastic achievement and the team from Staley’s are very proud that their block of chocolate was able to provide invaluable support and make the raffle winner the most popular Grandad in Bunbury!

Grow & Go 5

The NAFDA Team would like to thank all participants for making GG5 trip to Hungary and Russia a huge success.

From cultural and historical sights, to culinary feast and time spent celebrating, we hope you enjoyed every moment and will keep fond memories.

Looking forward to GG6 and another adventure in 2021!

Best of the Best Points Upload Competition!

Congratulations to our three NAFDA Members who won in the latest Best of the Best competition!

Congratulations to our 3 NAFDA winners of the FSAA National Awards of Excellence.

It was a fantastic evening that recognised the aspiration, passion and commitment of the winning teams.

FSAA National Awards of Excellence 2019

Congratulation to the 14 NAFDA Members that are finalists in the Foodservice Supplier’s Association Australia’s (FSAA) National Awards of Excellence 2019! We wish you the best of luck for the awards night on Tuesday, September 10th 2019 at the Shangri-La, Sydney.

NSW Metro
Foodlink Australia

VIC Metro
Sealane Foodservice
Select Foods

QLD Metro
Godden Food Group

SA Metro
Siena Foods

WA Metro
New West Foods

PD Wholesalers

NSW Regional
V&C Food Distributors

VIC Regional
Barwon Foods
Kennedy’s Meats

QLD Regional
Debra Lee Trading

SA/NT Regional
Mt. Gambier Frozen Foods
TH Northern Trading

WA Regional
Staley Food and Packaging

NAFDA Members Conference and Supplier & Member of the Year Awards 2019 Gala

It was great to see you at our July conference and the Supplier & Member of the Year Awards Gala 2019 held in Melbourne. Both were very successful and positive events.

The highlights video of the conference, social evenings and the Awards Gala will be coming soon!

NAFDA is thrilled to partner with ClubsNSW and their 1,400 clubs for the 2019 Chef’s Table Competition!

NAFDA is thrilled to partner with ClubsNSW and their 1,400 clubs for the 2019 Chef’s Table Competition!

The competition was created to reward and recognise the many talented chefs, cooks and apprentices in NSW clubs and is by now the largest cooking competition in the Southern Hemisphere.

From 16-18 July, 45 teams with 2 chefs each will challenge each other during a cook-off that tests their culinary expertise and kitchen skills under pressure.

Each participant will serve a three-course menu, featuring products from a Mystery Box and NAFDA sponsored ingredients.

Adam Moore, NAFDA Corporate Chef

Our corporate Chef Adam Moore will be part of the judging panel, evaluating performance in the kitchen.

The winning team will be announced on the 5 August and receive a 5 day to Vietnam, all courtesy of NAFDA!

Good luck to all participants!


NAFDA is pleased to announce that ALL NU FOODS have joined NAFDA Foodservice effective July 2019!

ALL NU FOODS is a recent and fast growing foodservice distribution business in Adelaide with a strong focus in the Hotel / Restaurant / Café sector.

Welcome to NAFDA!

Peak Fine Foods joins NAFDA!

NAFDA is excited to announce that Peak Fine Foods have joined NAFDA Limited effective April 2019!

Peak Fine Foods has been in business for over 20 years operating as a broad line foodservice distributor, specialising in Sydney and surrounding suburbs within the HORECA channel.

Welcome to NAFDA!

NAFDA Members Conference February 2019

It was great to see you at our NAFDA Members Conference February 2019 and ‘Best of the Best’ 2019 launch held in Sydney. Both were very successful and positive events.

Below are the highlights of the conference, social evenings and the BoB 2019 launch night.

Ash Bros Foodservice joins NAFDA!

NAFDA is thrilled to announce that Ash Bros Foodservice have joined NAFDA Limited effective February 2019!

Established in 1959, Ash Bros Foodservice is a family owned Seafood and Foodservice specialist with over 50 years in operational experience. Ash Bros Foodservice are now one of the most distinguished and highly trusted Seafood Wholesale Suppliers in Victoria servicing hotels, leading restaurants, sporting venues, hospitals, recognised caterers, TAFE colleges, seafood retailers and more!

Welcome to NAFDA!

Sunrise Bakery Ingredients joins NAFDA!

NAFDA is extremely pleased to announce that Sunrise Bakery Ingredients have joined NAFDA Limited effective February 2019!

Sunrise Bakery Ingredients are one of the largest distributors of all brands of bakery products in Melbourne with an extensive product range covering flour, premixes, packaging, dried & canned fruit, cleaning products, dairy and frozen products, seeds & nuts, pastry, margarine and much more. Sunrise pride themselves on quality service at competitive prices.

Welcome to NAFDA!

Doppio Foods joins NAFDA!

NAFDA is extremely pleased to announce that Doppio Foods have joined NAFDA Limited effective December 2018!

Doppio Foods was launched in Tasmania in 2013 and has since offered leading products and services to the Tasmanian food and coffee industry.

Welcome to NAFDA!

NAFDA Foodservice conferences 2020

NAFDA’s conferences bring foodservice professionals together to share organisational performance, industry trends, innovation and best in practice. With the aim to spread the passion for food and inspire business success, NAFDA conferences are held in an engaging and collaborative environment.

NAFDA Foodservice Conference dates and locations

NAFDA Foodservice Members Conference
Sydney, 12-14 February 2020

NAFDA Foodservice Members Conference
Melbourne, 8-10 July 2020

NAFDA Foodservice AGM & Members Conference
Darwin, 21-22 October 2020

Pilbara Distributors joins NAFDA!

NAFDA is extremely pleased to announce that Pilbara Distributors have joined NAFDA Limited effective October 2018!

Pilbara Distributors allows NAFDA to create a strong presence in a strategic geographical location between NAFDA members to the north and south of regional WA.

Chris and Paul have also quickly identified the value of the NAFDA Navision platform. There is no doubt they have the energy and drive to deliver their goals.

Welcome to NAFDA!


NAFDA Members Conference and Supplier & Member of the Year Awards Gala 2018

It was great to see you at our July conference and the Supplier & Member of the Year Awards Gala held in Sydney. Both were very successful and positive events.

Below are the highlights of the conference, social evenings and the Awards Gala.



Supplier and Member of the Year 2018 Nominees and Winners

NAFDA would like to congratulate our Supplier and Member of the Year 2018 Nominees and Winners. We would also like to acknowledge our Conference sponsors –


SOTY Frozen Category Winner: Ingham’s
Nominess: Baiada, Gruma (Mission) and Simplot Australia

SOTY Chilled Category Winner: Fonterra
Nominess: Bega, DON and Murray Goulburn Foodservice

SOTY Groceries Dry Category Winner: MARS Foodservices
Nominess: Goodman Fielder Foodservice, Heinz and Sandhurst Fine Foods

SOTY Cleaning & Packaging Category Winner: Huhtamaki Tailored Packaging
Nominess: Chemform, FPA Australia and MPM Marketing Services

SOTY 2018 Winner: Ingham’s
Nominess: Fonterra, Huhtamaki Tailored Packaging and MARS Foodservice

MOTY Central West Winner: Staley Food & Packaging
Nominess: The Luscombe Synicate, New West Foods and Smimac

MOTY South Regional Winner: Barwon Foods
Nominess: Artic Food Wholesalers, Metropolitan Foods and Sealane Foodservice

MOTY NSW & ACT Regional Winner: St George Foodservice
Nominess: Blue Sea Food Services, Foodlink and V&C Foods

MOTY Central North Regional Winner: Godden Food Group
Nominess: Aspex One, Debra Lee Trading and Western Food Wholesalers

MOTY 2018 Winner: St George Foodservice
Nominess: Barwon Foods, Godden Food Group and Staley Food & Packaging

The Rising Star 2018 (Members) Winners:
Foodnet Food Service (absent) and Reliable Food Distributors

The Rising Star 2018 (Supplier) Winner:
Manildra Group

Chairman’s Award 2018 Winner:
Simplot Australia

Taitung Food Service joins NAFDA!

NAFDA is extremely pleased to announce that Taitung Food Service have joined NAFDA Limited effective October 2018!

Taitung Food Service is an Australian family owned company that has been servicing clients all over Sydney, Regional New South Wales and other cities throughout Australia since 1981.

A leading Asian food and seafood company, Taitung Food Service specialise in the import, export and distribution of trusted quality products from market leading brands.

Welcome to NAFDA!