About Us

Wherever your business is located, NAFDA Foodservice can supply your foodservice requirements

NAFDA FS is a leading foodservice procurement and marketing company with a history extending over five decades.

We are Australian owned and operated by Distributors who have strong ties in their local communities. NAFDA Foodservice distributors are broad-line, and have the ability to serve all segments of the foodservice industry with frozen, chilled and dry groceries.

How can NAFDA FS assist your Foodservice Business?

NAFDA Foodservice distributors deliver foodservice products throughout Australia, so wherever your business is located, it is likely NAFDA FS can supply your foodservice requirements. Our distributors are committed to providing you with unrivalled service, quality of product & value for money. For details on your nearest NAFDA FS distributor visit nafda.com.au/find-a-distributor.

NAFDA FS capabilities:
  • Distribution outlets nationally – 70+
  • Combined annual turnover – $1.7B
  • Extensive range of exclusive private label products
  • Customers currently serviced – 38,000+
  • Delivery vehicles – 500+
  • Dedicated employees – 1000+
eFood IT services

A fully Owned Subsidiary of NAFDA Ltd delivering your one stop e Commerce and Digital ToolBox